Pay attention, Find the Joy, Tell About It

February 13, 2019

Mary Oliver tribute Last month we lost one of the great poets of our time. Mary Oliver has seeped into the culture with lines like “your one wild and precious life”. She took her leave of the physical plane at age 84. Prolific, profound, much celebrated, she was rooted almost always in nature first. What […]

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Stay in Time

September 19, 2011

Remember: we live in time. I gave the mindfulness movement, the fans of the now, credit in my last blog. Now I want to take issue with one of their leaders, Eckhart Tolle, who wrote The Power of Now about 10 years ago and Oprah helped him sell about a jillion copies of his books. […]

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Stand In Wonder

September 12, 2011

Have you done some real thinking lately? Sure you have had thoughts, but more likely than you having them, they have been having you. Thoughts have a life of their own, and sort of stream through our heads of their own accord. I give the mindfulness movement great credit for reminding us how little we […]

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