About John


  • Two grown sons; four grandchildren in Ohio
  •  John’s wife Patricia is a coach and president of The Schuster Kane Alliance. They have been married for 27 years
  •  Born and raised in the Midwest; birthday is Oct. 18, 1948
  •  Two sisters, one younger and one older,  who live in Chicago
  •  An 94 year-old Irish Aunt, Dorothy, who lives in Waukon Iowa and helps us all laugh a lot


  • MA from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH (English major, summa cum laude, 1970)
  • Avoided school for four decades, embarking upon a self-directed world-is-the-classroomlearning program
  • But got absorbed in psychology at age 60 and finished an MA from Saybrook in humanistic and Jungian psych, 44 years after the other Masters, demonstrating something, but hard to tell what.
  • Taught leadership in executive MBA programs
  • Teaches executive coaching at Columbia University and the Hudson Institute of Coaching

John P. Schuster at play:

  • Avid reader, guitar player, tennis player, gardner
  • Naps at every opportunity
  • Loves the arts and all things Frodo, Jung and Celtic/Gaelic/Irish
  • Retired snowboarder and roller blader and now would rather walk
  • Sings at all his programs, mostly in tune, but always soulfully



  • The Beatles, Eva Cassidy, Leonard Cohen, Coldplay and musicals
  • Natural foods, the NBA, tennis, Dickens
  • People of all stripes, the powerful, the gifted, and the neglected alike
  • Grandkids and kids
  • Enjoying a nonfat latte with gluten free whatevers
  • Red Blue political dialogue groups

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