Are Boomers Tired of Retirement?

by evoker on September 25, 2014

in Self development

phD RetirementI have trained several hundred people in the past few years in the work of retirement planning.

Many have been very ready to move ahead and enjoy or endure their last months of work. They were ready to plunge into this less-career-identified space we still most often call retirement. Others were somewhat ready and knew they had work to do unless they wanted to be totally surprised by leaving their career. And still others were woefully unprepared, and did not even know they were.

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bridgeSome teachers of human awareness start with the language we used a long time ago, before we knew what a synapse or neuro-science was. One of our great teachers, with one foot in modern anthropology but with her heart in the wisdom traditions, needs to be better known. 

I invite you to learn more about this teacher, Angeles Arrien, whom we lost this spring, via this piece I recently wrote for my Psychology Today blog.

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February 17, 2014

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Sharing the energy matrix

January 7, 2014

Coaches and therapists work in the same two energy fields—the first, those cognitive places where we think, and the second, the those pre-verbal, old brain places from which our core energy emerges. Coaches and therapists have different terms and ways of working with these inner energy fields as we interact in the world of work, […]

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Simple is better, mostly

November 12, 2013

As I look back at my journey, I see that at times the choice to keep it simple worked out for the best, and at other times simple was a regression. When I stuck with simple love and kindness it generally served me. When my head would run out of avenues to pursue, when I […]

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