Enjoy this ICF webinar I presented on February 7, 2016.


If you want to coach leaders with a sense for meaning and calling as central questions of life and work, and an appreciation for the ethical/spiritual dimensions of leadership, then you may want to check this out.

Deeper Coaching, Better Outcomes

The Bigger Thoughts Behind Our Everyday Thoughts

A little offering in a new way to coach:

As the coaching field continues to grow, more us us are thinking about how to improve and deepen our offers to our clients. This takes deepening ourselves of course. Here is my new offering, starting in New York and Houston in March that I am enthused to share.

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depthpresidentialelectionAs we witness the United States’ process for selecting its next leader, we’re struck by the over-coverage, and at the same time fascinated by the endless character analysis of the candidates. Among other things, we look for who is the wisest of them all, not the brashest or the coolest or the best debater, even. It is wisdom we most want and need.
The world of coaching, with its endless angles on self-reflection, promotes wisdom within each of us. Let’s hope our candidates do enough self-reflection, the kind not just stimulated by the polls.

I am making my attempt to add some wisdom to coaching through an offer I am calling Depth Coaching (with permission from Pat Adson whose book is of the same title.) Here is a link to a webinar I am doing on wisdom-based coaching for International Coach Federation (ICF) New York chapter, February 3, 2016.

Depth Coaching: Co-creating Action-based Wisdom with Our Clients

Maybe see you there.



Year-end ‘Ingathering’

November 29, 2015

The Holiday breather is upon us. Not a breather entirely of course, as we will run around a lot trying to make it all happen again. Still, this time of year we often notice the difference in the air and in ourselves. We slow down and look back at our year, and we give thanks […]

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Frederic Hudson: The Man Who Lived and Breathed Adult Learning

June 10, 2015

Self Renewal for all of Life’s Stages from one of the progenitors of the field of coaching (I have one more post coming on this, my comments at his memorial…they will come some day. And if you want to see one more angle on his life I posted something recently on Psychology Today about him.) […]

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Are Boomers Tired of Retirement?

September 25, 2014

I have trained several hundred people in the past few years in the work of retirement planning. Many have been very ready to move ahead and enjoy or endure their last months of work. They were ready to plunge into this less-career-identified space we still most often call retirement. Others were somewhat ready and knew […]

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