What Do You Know In the Afternoon of Life?

by evoker on May 3, 2017

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In a class on self-expression for “The Afternoon of Life” held at the Jung Center in Houston, I was asked to write quickly before I did any censoring, on what I know.

Here is what came out of me.

What do you know?  Remember, write fast.

What I know, and want to pass on
John P. Schuster

I know love rules
Grace matters
Pain subsides
Anxiety teaches
Anger cleanses
Hugs heal
Laughter lightens
Smiles welcome
Hands express
Eyes reveal
Foreheads hold
Wrinkles tell
Aches educate
Tongues taste
Postures position
Feet trek
Muscles power
Minds wonder
And hearts beat on & on

“Pen & Writing” by Karen is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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