Things I can do only because I am old

by evoker on July 8, 2016

in Ripening and aging well

tree hollow sheltering owl smOk, my most recent reading binge has been on ripening, aka maturing and aging, the 3rd 3rd of life. I am too far along for the “second half of life” term, though this has been and is still a very useful term in some contexts. All of this reading is on later-in-life psychology and even end-of-life. And all of this is age-appropriate material for me, only 27 months away from starting my 8th decade of life. This is the year of my 50th high school reunion after all.

I am reading on the big social issues tied to this graying of America thing, such as boomers retiring or not retiring as over 3 million per year hit 65 in the US alone. I am reading this retirement literature, (and from looking at the titles, approximately 1/3rd of us are writing how-to-retire books!!) but more I am reading the psychological side of aging that hits us as individuals and couples and families. The macro and the micro and all these levels are linked of course, and they are linked to health and finances and medical advances as well.

But oh those psychological issues!! How can we keep our heads on straight as we age?

Let me ask you a two-edged question, and if you are so inclined, give me a quick response on what comes to mind for you.

Are there things you can do better, or can only do, because you are older (like mid 60s or older)? And if you are younger you can still respond, because this may start much earlier and I just did not catch it much.

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