Hoping, and Depth Coaching, for Presidential Wisdom

by evoker on January 26, 2016

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depthpresidentialelectionAs we witness the United States’ process for selecting its next leader, we’re struck by the over-coverage, and at the same time fascinated by the endless character analysis of the candidates. Among other things, we look for who is the wisest of them all, not the brashest or the coolest or the best debater, even. It is wisdom we most want and need.
The world of coaching, with its endless angles on self-reflection, promotes wisdom within each of us. Let’s hope our candidates do enough self-reflection, the kind not just stimulated by the polls.

I am making my attempt to add some wisdom to coaching through an offer I am calling Depth Coaching (with permission from Pat Adson whose book is of the same title.) Here is a link to a webinar I am doing on wisdom-based coaching for International Coach Federation (ICF) New York chapter, February 3, 2016.

Depth Coaching: Co-creating Action-based Wisdom with Our Clients

Maybe see you there.


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