Looking for the Face I Had

by evoker on November 15, 2011

in Past and memory

The holidays are upon us and many people will physically go to a place we think of as home, or home-like, with family, friends, sibs, parents, cousins. Even with the unresolved issues that get stirred up by arriving in family settings, in the main we keep longing for home.

The metaphor of coming home resonates spiritually as well. We yearn to come home to the original version of us, the more innocent version who had early aspirations and real insight. In earlier days, as we were waking up to being human, we may have only had hints of what our gifts would be and what we were going to do in the world, but most of us had some early indicators that we had something to do with the bigness of life, even in our very finite settings.

There is an old self-awareness phrase about coming home to the original us: “I am looking for the face I had before the world was made.”

Before you adapted, were trained, educated, learned sales or finance, or built your website and managed a team, what was your face? What was the original you that knew life but that you may have forgotten or ignored?

Here is an exercise for you: Go back to an early memory, a friend, a moment with yourself in nature, a walk with your sister, and discern what about your face—the one before your world was made—can remind ( as in re-mind) you of something worthwhile to keep in mind today. Find that face. Come home to it.

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