Psychological Wardrobes: Changing into Autumn Clothes

by evoker on November 1, 2011

in Self development

By now, at certain latitudes in the northern hemisphere, we have gone through our closets for the Autumn ritual of switching out our wardrobes. Depending on how far south you live, this may or may not be true. (Texas,Florida,Arizona: just imagine how others do this so I can carry through with the metaphor, ok?) My southern hemisphere friends are pulling out the spring look.

On the literal side of things, I have to get rid of some clothes. I have been lucky enough to have pretty much the same body size for decades (and naturally occurring buns of steel, don’t you know). But has led to way too much accumulation—not the right place to be when I am trying to lighten up.

On the mental and emotional habits side of life, what is the equivalent of getting ready for a new season?  Several things, I am sure.  It involves some kind of awareness that you are entering a new psychological season, so it is time to do different work, wear different garments, and prepare for different things. My obvious one is that, six months after I launched my book, The Power of Your Past,  with spring energy, airplane rides to everywhere, and radio and TV appearances, I now enter a new phase.  I watched sales bloom, I now harvest from all the seeds I planted, and I go into a less active, more internal phase. I need to remember I am entering this new phase after building up springtime habits.

Eva Cassidy has a beautiful rendition of Who knows Where the Time Goes, which includes these lines:

All the storms in winter, and the birds in spring again

I do not count the time

For who knows where the time goes?

Who knows how my love grows?

What does your rummage through the closet entail, even if you live inPhoenix? What flannels are you bringing out for your psyche? Is your furnace ready for the winter storms?

Photo above Some rights reserved by Ivy Dawned

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