There is a song for our times

by evoker on May 16, 2011

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There is a song for our times. There is a singer/composer for our hearts.

The song is Standing Still and the artist who wrote it is the insightful, deep, and light-hearted Greg Tamblyn. ( (I was wrong about this, not about Greg, whose work I admire, but about the fact that his friend, Mike Mahaffey from Nashville, wrote this song and Greg recorded it.)

As I have travelled on the book tour, now in week five, I sing my favorite song to introduce the importance of reflection. Whether I am at a Barnes & Noble in Denver or an employment ministry group in Indianapolis, people are moved, and want to know more about Standing Still.


Here is how it starts:

We are flying high, we are making time

We love corners cut we don’t like lines,

All our days are blurred and our nights are filled,

There’s no time left for standing still.

I will let you discover what Mike does with the antidote for our rushed times in this lovely little song…

And be prepared to laugh. Greg is funny whenever he wants to be, and one of his favorite human activities is to parody our relationships. When you hear his schtick on Whiny Love Songs, you may want more.

Remember to stand still enough to learn from what you are experiencing.

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