Aging Well with Gump(tion)  

December 13, 2017

December holidays bring that incomparably palpable atmosphere of gratitude and sense of grace in the world. This month, in this blog, you will read about the upside and the joys of aging. Yes, there are many upsides. I say this to those who doubt it outright or are only partially convinced this is true. I am […]

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Aging: the deliberations that create what we experience

November 22, 2017

I have a Florida friend who had two knees replaced at age 63 so he could keep playing high level tennis. He is designing his elderhood, his later life years. I have a 60-something friend who moved from Long Island after several decades. She uprooted herself and went to Philly to live near her family. […]

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Overcoming the Dread of Aging

November 10, 2017

I heard a fairly normal comment about aging while on the tennis court last week. I had met a few new guys exactly my age – 68 and 69. One of them said “this being in my late 60s has not been that hard to admit but 69!!! Sheesh, that is almost 70, and whoa […]

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Hanging with LA celebs: whispers of Lady Diana

October 28, 2017

My wife and I do not hang out in the LA celebrity scene. We did this week (October 26), even though an LA gala is not the easiest place to be in life’s later years (more on that later.) I am proud to serve on the board for Whole Child International, a fantastically promising resource […]

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25,000 days of life and still counting

October 25, 2017

About 163 days after our 69th birthdays we all hit 25,000 days of life. On our 69th b-day, the one I had last week, we are living our 24,837th day or so, depending on leap year patterns. For me, March 30th 2018 is my 25,000th day for sucking air on the planet and being John […]

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