What Do You Know In the Afternoon of Life?

May 3, 2017

In a class on self-expression for “The Afternoon of Life” held at the Jung Center in Houston, I was asked to write quickly before I did any censoring, on what I know. Here is what came out of me. What do you know?  Remember, write fast. What I know, and want to pass on John […]

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Wisdom from a Master

July 27, 2016

Peter Block’s insights into our work and lives is so precious in this interview of a few months ago at the Hudson Institute’s annual meeting. https://hudsoninstitute.egnyte.com/dl/4eajYdLL0F?utm_source=CHIC+Newsletter+June+2016&utm_campaign=Summer+Newsletter&utm_medium=email

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Frederic Hudson: The Man Who Lived and Breathed Adult Learning

June 10, 2015

Self Renewal for all of Life’s Stages from one of the progenitors of the field of coaching (I have one more post coming on this, my comments at his memorial…they will come some day. And if you want to see one more angle on his life I posted something recently on Psychology Today about him.) […]

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The Power of Your Past: yes you can get 4 books for $2.40

June 19, 2012

Hey all, Amazon has a fire sale going on with my book, The Power of Your Past: the art of recalling, reclaiming and recasting. The good news–I get my full royalty…thought you might want some gifts for friends or clients… The link to Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/The-Power-Your-Past-Reclaiming/dp/1605098264 Coach on, answer those calls    John

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Modern Warfare Three: cyber war games may not be all bad

February 1, 2012

Like many a loving grandparent, I bought Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) for my grandson. This was a must-buy for this well-rounded 13 year old. MW3 sold $775 million in five days, you most likely heard, making it a mega event.  It is well over a billion in sales now. What can we make of this? […]

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